We give these crosses out to people that are in need. They may have serious health issues, money problems, family tensions, relationship challenges or many other serious issues. We always wait for the prompting of the Holy Spirit to do this when we are having discussions with people. Many folks who have received these crosses have soon found a reason to give theirs away to people who need it more than they do. And then, when they ask, we will replace that cross for them. Jesus Himself had a mission when He came to earth. As He Himself told us:

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost ."  (Luke 19:10)

Likewise we believe that our mission is the same.  And these crosses are an excellent tool for helping to accomplish that mission.

How to receive a cross and make a donation

There is no charge for the crosses. They are free to all who ask. Instead we ask people to consider making a donation back to our pocket cross ministry in whatever amount you feel you can afford or should pay. We promise to use all of your donation to purchase more crosses. In that way you personally will be having a significant impact in helping other people develop that special connection with Jesus Christ especially at a critical moment in their lives.


Please join us in this mission.