I can remember the day that my heart turned to the Lord and I asked Him to come into my life in a very personal way. It was then that I dedicated myself to Christ. And many other people have had this same experience at some point in their lives. Christ became real for us. We are therefore convinced that He lives and is the one true God.

But how many of us can say that we have empirical proof that Jesus is alive? Is it even possible to make that claim? Well, I believe it is and can make that claim. But where is the proof? For my wife and I, it is in the many stories we have collected from people who have received these stone pocket crosses. We have well over 400 personal stories of life changing events that people have attributed to their having these pocket crosses. In all cases, we stress that the cross itself is not magical or a lucky charm, but instead it is a simple tool that helped them connect with the One source of power in the entire Universe….Jesus Christ. No other spiritual figure or personality is connected with the Cross. It has come to symbolize the sacrifice that Christ made for us all. The folks we hear from tell us they prayed, while holding these crosses, asking Jesus for His help. And they all agree, Jesus heard their prayers and answered them personally.

This is the proof that we have of Christ’s existence among us today. And if He does exist now, then His words and all of the messages we receive from the Scriptures must also be true. That has enormous implications for all of us. Specifically, each of us need to review what we believe is right and wrong in all areas of our lives. Why? Because in the end, the Scriptures will be the “ruler or measuring tool” that God will use to judge us all.

Again, our proof that the Christian God of the Bible exists comes from the many who have seen Him enter their lives and answer their call for help when they received a stone pocket cross. It is not our theory or our hope that this occurred, but instead it is a reality that we cannot write off to coincidence or mere chance. We have too many stories that confirm the existence of Christ. They all speak about Jesus as He entered the lives of common ordinary folks who needed Him when they took the pocket cross and called for His help.